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Hiring Made Easy…and Dirt Cheap.

Let’s recruit top talents for you at ZERO costs.

At Procivi, we totally understand the costs involved in recruiting talents that’s why we are committed to doing things differently. No complicated paperwork. No “fee” negotiations. Just tell us the kind of talent you need, and we’ll hand them over to you in record time. Easy peasy.

Partner with us and achieve a 100% ROI

Our compensation comes from an agreement with all talents in our database for a percentage remittance from their first month’s salaries. This way, you can keep engaging us month after month in recruiting workers for you at zero costs to you.

Premium Features

Our service offerings at a glance.

Premium services rendered on-site or 100% remotely. Flexibility is at the core of our existence.

Contract Hiring
You can outsource the entire hiring, team management, payroll process to us while you focus on other core functions.
Need to re-hire a staff? Easy. We can keep replacing them for you at zero costs till you hit your target
Project Outsourcing
Need to completely outsource an entire project? Procivi is your go-to. From project inception to completion. We are your sidekick.

Join the recruiting revolution

More than 250 businesses have partnered with us for their staffing needs. Partnering with Procivi is FREE. Recruiting via Procivi is FREE. So, what have you got to lose?


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